Good Leaders Acknowledge What Can’t Be Done

Photo by Nil Castellví

I keep thinking about this blog post from last week’s Harvard Business Review.  Good leaders acknowledge that we can’t do everything.

I am continuing to learn this lesson myself here at FYI.  What we say “no” to is as important, and maybe even more important, than what we say “yes” to.  That way we can invest energy in what is ultimately most important.  Plus, I’ve got to say that I am a much better leader, parent, and wife when I have more margin.

As families get more busy, what do we need to cut back on to give families the space they need and also let us focus on what is the most transformative spiritually?  One youth leader told me recently that ten years ago, families used to complain that the youth ministry wasn’t offering more.  These days, they are more likely to apologize that their kids are so busy that they can’t make it to many events.

One of our mantras at FYI these days is that we want to do more about less, meaning we want to go deeper in fewer areas.   What would happen to your life and ministry if you did the same?