GO TEAM!  Exciting news about FYI’s blog

“Go team!”

If you were to spend much time around our FYI offices, you’d hear those words on a frequent basis.   We believe that our work is magnified, or hindered, by the way we collaborate with others.

That’s why we want to thank YOU for your part in the exciting news that in last week’s ranking by Adam McLane from the Youth Cartel of the “Top 25 Youth Ministry Blogs in 2012,” FYI was ranked #7.

Go team!

Thanks to all of the Fuller students, FYI staff, youth leaders and parents who have contributed a blog post this past year.

Thanks to all who have read, forwarded, tweeted, or verbally told others to check out our blog.

Thanks to our fellow youth ministry bloggers.  Since these rankings were partially determined by the input of the top bloggers in 2011 (which included FYI), we are honored that so many other bloggers who we respect affirm our work.

Here’s to another great year ahead.  Go team!