Family Baptism

Photo by Caleb Jones

A couple of weeks ago in my church, a whole family was baptized.  Mom, Dad, and three kids.  It was incredible.

As I’ve been reflecting on what made it so memorable, what stands out most is the way that shared ritual now becomes a powerful part of their family’s shared story.  I’d bet few us regularly remember or celebrate our baptisms after the fact, in spite of baptism’s significance.  Yet for this family, that moment is indelibly written into not just their individual faith journeys, but their collective family journey.

We can’t all be baptized at the same time as our kids, and that’s not the point of mentioning it here.  But perhaps we can think of ways to create meaningful rituals together that become part of the faith language we share and story we tell.  I know a family who has “baptism birthdays” each year where they remember their kids’ baptisms with a special family meal.  In our own family we regularly try to share the Lord’s Supper as part of a meal together.

Rituals shape us in powerful ways, in part because we share them with those who are closest to us.  What rituals are shaping your family?  What about the families of students in your ministry?