Don’t Wait - Share Your Story Over the Holidays

Photo by Umit Bulut

I keep hearing stories these days of folks putting Sticky Faith in action, and even ideas on how to use the holidays as a way to help teenagers connect with their parents and other adults.

Last week I received this e.mail from a youth pastor in Indiana, who heard me speak at the National Youth Workers Convention.  In my seminar, I shared about one church in our Sticky Faith Cohort who asked twenty of their students if they knew how their parents became Christians.

Care to guess how many of the 20 knew?

I’ll give you a hint:  it starts with a “Z”.

Yes, zero.

This youth leader has decided to leverage his chance to preach to invite parents to share more about their spirituality with their teenagers, which is an important part of our Sticky Faith themes.  Here’s an excerpt from his e-mail:

I have surveyed many of my teens and thus far only one (Senior Pastor’s 6th Grade Daughter) has said they could give an account of their parents conversion and she only knew her dad’s and not her mom’s story– so maybe still a technical zero…I am speaking this Sunday at our Church while the Senior Pastor is in Haiti.  Part of my challenge will be to have our parents’ families share their conversion story with their young people over the holidays… As I reflected on the question, I thought about my father who passed away in January and I didn’t know his conversion story or his mom’s story who was a pillar of Christianity in our family.  Thanks for your time and the insight and challenge you gave me.

I love how this sharp youth pastor is nudging families toward better conversations in which they share about their faith more organically.  I am going to try to model that with my family this season, and I’m going to try to do the same.