Disney: Reaching Boys

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

This past weekend at a birthday party for my daughter, Krista, I had a very interesting conversation with another parent who works at Disney here in Los Angeles.  He told me that while Disney feels that they have a strong connection with young girls (princesses and fairies abound), they lack a strong connection with young boys. Boys grow bored of the Disney characters and move on to other places.

On Monday, it was announced that Disney has bought Marvel Comics, a partnership that will now allow them to develop characters like Spiderman and the Transformers. Many have speculated that it was largely motivated by their desire to connect with young boys, a market that has been elusive for them.

In the midst of Disney’s capitalist motives, I’'ve got to say this:  I admire Disney for being proactive.

Churches often moan over folks they don’t seem to be connecting with and then do little about it.  At least Disney was creative and figured out a way to try to connect with more guys.