Dear Short-Term Mission Teams

Meredith Miller | Mar 6, 2012

Note: FYI author Meredith Miller develops college students to serve others and seek justice in their communities and around the world. With college spring breaks underway, she wrote the following post on her blog to students heading out on short-term experiences from her school. High school and middle school spring breaks are just around the corner, and with many of you leading students on short-term trips we thought this post was an appropriate reminder about going as respectful guests among those we serve. We’re reposting here with Meredith’s permission. One more note: the YS Store is selling group packs of Deep Justice Journeys for 29% off until 3/7 if you’re interested in nabbing some for your team!

To the 184 college students who are setting out to serve on Spring Break next week:

First, you deserve credit. You have chosen a particular experience for this week that many of your peers do not choose. While they are on a cruise, or sleeping in at home (both fine choices in their own way), many of you will sleep on the floor. In Camden, 18 of you will share one bathroom. All. week. long.

I commend you for taking this week to learn and serve around the world.

Second, may I give you some unsolicited advice?

You are a guest. Just like a houseguest is a welcome joy, but also some work and inconvenience to host, you are being hosted by a partner in locations far and near.

You are temporary. Each of you will meet people who serve in that location full-time, year-round, 52 weeks a year. Your partners have been in these communities long before you; they will be there long after you.

You are [somewhat] expendable. There is nothing about this week that needs you, really. At first, that may seem sad; we all want to be essential. But knowing you are not essential to the work has the potential to free you up to bring what only you can bringyour self. You were not invited for your skills; you are not needed for your skills. You were invited and you are needed for your story.

No one else has your story to tell. Share it with your team, your hosts, and the people you meet this week.

In turn, hear their story. You cannot know the story of the displaced Haitian population in Miami, or the locals in Antigua, or those experiencing homelessness in Seattle. You cannot know the stories of hope, empowerment and healing that your non-profit and ministry partners have experienced in their work. This week is a chance to hear their stories.

This year we challenged you to let 2% of your yearone weekshape the other 98% (and beyond, for that matter.) I believe that is most likely to happen when you enter into the stories of those who do life in that community 100% of the time.

You are loved and prayed for as you travel.


Meredith Miller

Meredith serves as Curriculum Director for Promiseland at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. Her role focuses on helping kids engage with scripture and respond to God in meaningful and personal ways each weekend. She graduated with an MDiv from Fuller Seminary in 2008 and completed BAs in Religious Studies and Spanish at Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

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