Free Webinar: Helping young people cultivate compassion in a culture of consumption

If asked, most of us want to help young people and their families share in God’s heart for the poor. 

In fact, you might be a busy leader who wants to help families grow in this together. But it’s hard for you to carve out time in your ministry calendar to make that happen.

You work with busy parents who would love to give their busy children a heart for the world, but the hectic-ness of family schedules makes adding one more commitment seem infeasible.

Busyness. It’s an obstacle that leaders, parents, and young people have to navigate if they want to develop an awareness of the world around us.

Maybe we’re making these growth opportunities too challenging to reach. Maybe for some families, committing to an overseas service trip is a bridge too far. They need opportunities to see, feel, hear, and experience the realities of others without a passport or plane ticket.

Some families need an easier—and maybe initial—bridge to cross. They need baby steps. 

But how might we take those steps?

Our upcoming live discussion

Join me, Kara Powell, and my friend Jimmy Mellado of Compassion for a FREE webinar on how we as leaders can help young people cultivate a heart for the world—in a culture that often works against it.

During this live discussion, we’ll explore the attitudes of today’s young people toward justice; why thriving churches are doing something about poverty; and how you can help families become more aware of global issues without a passport or plane ticket. 

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I want my family to serve hands-on whenever we can. I want us to make sacrifices that bring freedom and resources to the poor and marginalized. 

And some days, that starts with a good conversation.