Courage Means You Might Fail

Photo by Jordan McQueen

Today is the first full day of the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention here in Los Angeles.  I’m especially excited about this conference for two reasons:  first, I am only 20 minutes from my house, so I’m going to get to go to my kids’  soccer games tomorrow.

Second, I’m excited about some of the new stuff YS is trying this year, especially Open Source Saturday.   Tomorrow they’ve blocked out time for people to generate their own conversations about topics that are meaningful to them instead of sitting and listening to speakers (like me) talk to them.

It might be great.

It might bomb.

But I love YS’ courage in trying something new with a few thousand youth workers.

So many times the “new” things I try are really just slight variations on the “old” stuff I’ve always done.  Real courage is when we try things that might fail.  May God show us when slight nuances are enough, as well as when it’s time to step out and try something truly new.