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Hello Friend of FYI!

Everywhere I go, whether talking about my own work with adolescent development and culture or sharing the collaborative research of scholars and leaders at Fuller, everybody has two reactions:

  1. “I get it, already… of course kids are gifted, smart, and on a longer journey, and they are also hurting and need us, parents and other adults…”
  2. “So, what do we do now?”

The driving idea behind the Sticky Faith work through the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is to help future generations develop a lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. Sticky Faith is about research, resources, and conversations. When it comes to growing and deepening trust in God there is no magic formula, no guarantees. Yet the goal of Sticky Faith is to set the table for our ministry by giving the body of Christ the best shot at understanding what it means to grow up today, and what it therefore looks like to serve our kids as faithfully as possible.

That’s the idea of the Sticky Faith Cohort: we gather together to encounter research, to share insights and observations, and to experiment in a community committed to the same process.

Every church I have talked to who has given themselves to the year-long cohort process has gushed with enthusiasm. Every one. No one has said, “…good people, nice ideas, but not much new, or innovative.” Instead, the reports tend to be along the lines of…

  • “A breath of fresh air! What a gift to engage in such a vital issue.”
  • “The cohort helped us to learn how to think, not just program.”
  • “It was a highlight to learn from others who are on the same journey while being mentored by theological leaders."

Today’s youth ministry must change. The days of tweaking models and programs are gone. We must come together, listen to and learn from each other, and
build congregations that are committed to adopting young people into the fabric of the community rather than sending them off to the “youth room.”

Come join us in the next Sticky Faith cohort. Your church will never be the same.