BAM: One of my favorite ways my son is in intergenerational relationships

Because of Sticky Faith, I’m in a co-ed group.  With 5 women in their early 40s.  And 5 middle school boys.

A few years ago, Dave and I started talking about starting a small group with Nathan, our oldest.  At first we thought it might be a “dads and sons” small group, but many of the dads we would want to invite were spending regular times with their boys through activities like Boy Scouts, so we decided to make it a “moms and sons” group.

Nathan loved the idea, and all of the mom/son pairs that we invited quickly said “yes”.  At the first meeting, we together came up with a name for the group:  BAM, which stands for Boys And Moms.

Our church wanted to capture some of the life and power of BAM for a recent intergenerational worship service.  Here’s the 2 minute video that our entire church was able to see:

Some of my favorite things about BAM are (in no particular order):

  • We rotate the hosting and leading responsibilities.  Whichever mom/son pair is going to lead prepares ahead of time together.  I love those discussions with Nathan!
  • The chance to discuss Scripture and “tough questions about God” (which has been a theme for many of our meetings).  In the video, my son Nathan (the tall boy wearing the blue Tshirt) talks about how BAM has helped him wrestle with some of his tough questions about suffering. 
  • Knowing that Nathan is getting to know four amazing, godly women.
  • Getting to know Nathan’s four friends better, and hoping that they will feel like I’m “on their team”.
  • My friendships with these four other moms continue to deepen.

My daughters can’t wait to start their own “Moms and girls” or “Dads and girls” groups.

Parents, what else do you do to connect your children with other amazing adults?