A Lesson from Soccer: Thanks…

Photo by David Clarke

September means 3 things for our family: back to school, back to soccer, and my travel schedule heats up.

We have soccer practice three nights a week in our family now.  And it takes quite a bit of effort for me and my husband to get home, get dinner on the table, make sure homework is finished, load up our kids for soccer practice, and actually try to connect with our kids in the midst of it all.

Similarly, it probably takes the parents of the students in your ministry quite a bit of effort to bring their kids to church, or to youth group, or to a small group meeting.

Granted, parents should be grateful to you as a youth worker for all you’re doing.  But how about if you try thanking your students’ parents for making the effort to involve their kids in your ministry’s events.  It might just make their day.  And it might just build a stronger relationship between you and the families you serve.