Survive The Summer Playlist: 10 Free Resources

Photo by Chris Martin.

Whether you’re already a few weeks into the summer rhythm or just getting your toes wet, we’ve compiled a playlist you can return to again and again for ideas to boost your ministry this summer.

1. The best family summer ever

Ideas to help families connect before summer slips away.

2. Help parents create a summer technology covenant with their teenagers

Here are a few samples you can pass along.

3. Using social media to strengthen family bonds

A practical guide for parents who might be feeling powerless and clueless when it comes to leveraging technology to boost their relationships.

4. Beyond Camp-As-Usual

Sticky Faith approaches to more intentional camps and retreats.

5. How do you help faith stick beyond camp?

Programs end, but practices don’t have to.

6. Sticky Faith camp ministry ideas from camp leaders themselves

Six ideas you might not have thought about.

7. Three ideas for improving your camp experience this summer

If you still need more camp encouragement!

8. Taking the pastor to camp

This idea rocks.

9. Twenty Ideas for Grandparents

Summer is a great time to boost the grandparent connection! Encourage them with this best-of list.

10. Parenting strategies for launching kids into adulthood

One to share with parents of recent grads and rising seniors over the summer. And actually, here’s part two as well.


Start thinking about ministry planning for next year! This free sample from our Sticky Faith Launch Kit can help you rethink your volunteer training rhythm.


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