Year End 2014


Our Mission

We exist to equip young people with the lifelong faith they need.

We do this by translating research into resources that open doors for kids, families, and leaders.

Our Goal

$594,000 is what it will cost to operate our programs and research initiatives in 2015. 

Your contribution will help FYI’s staff move its mission forward.






138 leaders have enrolled in our Urban Youth Ministry Certificate program since its start in 2006.  

123 churches have participated in our Sticky Faith Cohort to date.

Our social media audience grew by 80% in 2014 to 47,000 followers.

80% of churches who have been through the Sticky Faith Cohort have found our training more effective than any other ministry training.

85% of Urban Youth Ministry Certificate graduates said there was an improvement in their overall leadership and evangelism outreach skills.

Over 45,600 Sticky Faith book products were sold this year, increasing sales by 75% in 2014. Nearly 113,000 Sticky Faith book products have been purchased to date.

Our Sticky Faith speaking team shared with over 40,000 leaders, parents, and young people this year.


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Beyond the front door...


The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family has made our family more peaceful and grace-filled. I’ve started asking my sons for forgiveness when I lose my temper. My example seems to have motivated them to do the same; now they have started to ask forgiveness when they make mistakes.




The Urban Youth Ministry Certificate program changed how I manage teams and approach leadership in every aspect of ministry, especially in my neighborhood. Because of the program, I became a mentor for the girls in our middle school program. I now introduce the gospel in a way that allows them to openly share the challenges in their lives, and many have received Christ.


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Churches Engaging Young People (CEYP)

We recently hosted our Expert Advisory Council to shape the final phase of the research process and formulate next steps in this landmark study of 250 amazing churches nationwide.


The Sticky Faith Guide For Your Family

In every chapter of this book we released in August, parents get a front-row seat to research-derived findings that can help families develop lasting faith. This project has shaped 23,000 parents through the book, seminars and our new Family Update.

by Kara Powell, Executive Director




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