This is an FYI series on navigating digital technology and social media with young people.


Would you believe that the percentages of young people who report sexting, feeling bullied or harassed on social media, and having seen explicit images online are all declining?

Or that a large percentage of young people have told researchers that some of their happiest memories of time spent with their families have centered around things like creating music playlists, online family Christmas cards, and digital scrapbooks?


VIA MEDIA Part 001

A New Look @ Navigating Digital Technology with Young People



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How Young is Too Young for Digital Technology and Social Media?




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Sticks and Phones: Preventing Digital Bullying




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My [Own] Space: Supervision vs. Surveillance




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Cheat Codes: A Quick Guide to Teens and Video Games




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Shoot To Kill: The real impact of violent video games





What you wish you knew about teens and digital media