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Essential Leadership - Leaders Guide

Ministry Team Meetings That Work



If you’re like most youth workers, you hold regular meetings for your adult volunteers and small group leaders. And if you’re like most youth workers, all too often these meetings degenerate into a string of announcements about upcoming events and fail to lead your team toward deeper ministry philosophies or practices.

Essential Leadership offers you something different: a school year’s worth of training modules that are both easy to use but also geared for heavy contextualization based on the particular needs of leaders, kids, and communities.

Topics You’ll Cover

  • An Assessment of Your Ministry’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Integrating Students into the Life of the Church
  • Effective Family Ministry
  • Holistic Ministry: Giving Kids More Than Just a Bible Study
  • Giving and Receiving Mentoring
  • Getting the Rest You Need
  • Deep Justice/Maximizing Your Next Service Experience or Missions Trip
  • Helping Kids Through Hurt, Pain, and Trauma
  • Giving Your Kids a Faith that Lasts

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