Deep Justice Journeys Leaders Guide

50 Activities to Move from Mission Trips to Missional Living

In my experience leading mission trips with students, every trip is different and yet every trip requires similar training. Deep Justice Journeys is adaptable, holistic, and experiential for students. Plus it’s easy for leaders to use!
April Diaz, Next Gen Pastor
NewSong Church, Irvine CA

Make your youth ministry mission trips and service projects more than just drive-by-feel-good outings. Instead, allow them to be opportunities for students and adults together to go deep into God’s heart for justice as people and communities are transformed. This curriculum is designed with options you can use with your team in preparation for the BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER portions of your missions and service opportunities.

The lessons in Deep Justice Journeys will help you prepare students for what to expect during their mission trips and service projects and allow students to reflect upon their experiences. And since no two mission trips are the same, and each youth group will have its own challenges, this book includes 50 learning activities that you can choose from to customize your group’s lessons. In this book you will find:

Help your students personally prepare for and process through their mission trip with the companion Deep Justice Journeys Student Journal.

As a neighborhood ministry that hosts hundreds of short-term missions participants each year, one of the biggest things we struggle with is putting solid materials in the hands of leaders bring groups to work with us. A well equipped youth leader makes all the difference.
The materials in Deep Justice Journeys, especially its practical Before/During/After model, are perfect for helping both new and experienced youth leaders bring their students prepared for a good week. Put to use, these materials help students, their leaders and the “ministries on the ground” benefit from the fruit produced in the lives of short-term mission participants.
Joel Hamernick, Executive Director
Sunshine Gospel Ministries, Chicago IL