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Teens are asking tough questions, often alone. We’re here to help.

Leaders of college-based atheist clubs were recently asked why they don’t believe in God. Their responses?

The One Truth I Want All Kids (and People) to Know About Lent

“I’m going to give up vegetables for Lent,” proclaimed my seven year-old daughter last night over dinner. This wasn’t the first time I heard this from Jessica; her two older siblings have tried that in previous years. “Nice try,” I replied.

4 Steps to Help a Stressed Teenager

Know a stressed teenager? Me too. Lots of them. Evidence is mounting that this generation of young people experiences more stress than any previous generation. Not only that, but teenage stress is starting to reach adults levels.

New Research About Teens, Social Media, & What They Need from Us: Not as Complicated as it Seems

My friend Eric, a local youth pastor, recently told me how a Ping-Pong table was revolutionizing his youth group. “All I did,” he told me, “was buy the table. Now the kids are there all the time! I can’t rid of them!”

Leading Through the Wilderness

Last week we hosted an all-new Sticky Faith Cohort of nearly thirty churches from around the country and across denominations. We always learn so much from their stories and their courage to live out Sticky Faith in unique ways.

10 Tips for Starting a Sticky Faith Youth Ministry from Scratch

I'm starting a Youth Ministry from scratch, which is great in some ways (less to change immediately) and difficult in others. Any suggestions on where to start?

The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids About Sports—Or Any Performance

My son’s getting ready to play T-ball this spring. I say getting ready, because after sign-ups we were informed that “spring training” would begin immediately this week.

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