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Helping teenagers make sense of inequality … without making peace with it

Recently TED Ideas released a gallery of images illustrating inequality. In curator Helen Walters’ words, “We asked an international group of artists, designers, photographers and activists to provide one image that encapsulates what inequality means to them — and to explain their selection.”

The Coolest Sticky Faith Action I’ve Seen in a While

it was no surprise that Krista wrote her five-paragraph essay about her Aunt Laura. What was surprising to me was Laura’s text back.

The Science & Art of Story: New Possibilities in Ministry

I’m not an awesome storyteller. I know it’s important, but admittedly it’s a tool I have had to work on.

What can you do with a little trash?

It’s World Cup time. In light of global attention on soccer, the New York Times ran a mini-documentary on a story you won’t find on many screens this week.

Six Tips on Preparing for Milestones in Your Ministry

Growing up is hard. So is parenting those who are growing up.

Wavering at the Intersection of Science and Faith

Reed Metcalf: Is the scientific community really as atheistic and religiously-antagonistic as many of us have been led to believe? Dr. Graves: As I see it, there are four ways of viewing the relationship between science and religion.

Why Mothers & Daughters Fight And Three Questions That Help

When I was a youth pastor, if a mom or dad of a teenager wanted to volunteer in our ministry, I’d always ask the kids how they felt about their parents serving. Both teenage girls and guys were usually fine with their dads serving. Only teenage boys were okay with their moms serving. Not teenage girls.