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Three Reasons Why Coaching Will Help Your Ministry This Year

If you’re like me, when you think of coaches, you think of guys in too-short polyester shorts with mesh ball caps, holding clipboards and smelling like Icy Hot. This is not the kind of coach we’re talking about, I promise. In all honesty, I have been resistant to coaching at different seasons over the years.

How I Blew It With My Kids’ Bible Verse

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about a strong reaction I had to something he said. As we were processing it, I told him, “Dave, so much of what I do stems from how I feel about myself.” I can’t stop thinking about my self-description.

Are we slitting the wrists of our faith?

Yikes. Strong language to be sure. It’s a provocative question asked by my friend, Chuck Bomar, in his new book, Losing Your Religion.

Sticky Faith Coaching Is Finally Here

Got great ideas for your ministry for 2014? We bet you do. Do you know how you’re going to move those ideas from theory to reality? That might be harder to answer.

How Badly Do Kids Want Dads?  Enough to want a Boot Camp Dad?

How badly do kids want a parent to love and invest in them? This 30 second video from an episode in the series “Boot Camp My Preteen” (a show I’ve never seen nor endorse) might surprise you.

Research That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2014

I love setting goals. On a ministry level, we at FYI have been working on some pretty exciting goals for 2014 and beyond. On a more personal level, Dave and I even take our kids out to a special “goal setting dinner” so the five of us can talk about our goals as individuals and as a family for 2014.

A New Year with No Strings Attached

Often it feels like we have to earn every gift. As if they all come with strings attached. That may be the way life seems to operate, the way our relationships play out, and even the way ministry feels sometimes. Perhaps much of the time.

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