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Why Mothers & Daughters Fight And Three Questions That Help

When I was a youth pastor, if a mom or dad of a teenager wanted to volunteer in our ministry, I’d always ask the kids how they felt about their parents serving. Both teenage girls and guys were usually fine with their dads serving. Only teenage boys were okay with their moms serving. Not teenage girls.

You Don’t Have to Be Married or Have Kids to Minister to Parents

In all honesty, I think I became aware of parents who were connected with my youth ministry only after I became a parent myself. I never ignored them on purpose, and I often recruited them to get involved, but I sure didn’t understand how to encourage or equip parents.

What Should I Do When My Kid Says, “I’m Not Going to Church”?

“I’m not going to church.” Perhaps you’ve heard those words in your own home, from the mouth of your teenager. Or maybe you’re a leader who’s heard it from a young person declaring that they’re done with church.

The Quick and Dirty on How to Persuade with Data and Numbers

In an hour I have a meeting with many leaders I respect at Fuller, including our wonderful (fairly new) president, Mark Labberton. Had I read this HBR blog by Nancy Duarte beforehand, I would have created different handouts.

What was Sticky-Faith-ish about your Easter service?

I’m proud of how Sticky Faith-ish my church’s Easter service was yesterday. We have been moving toward periodic intergenerational worship services, and Easter was a great example of how to bring the generations together.

You Lose

Sometimes Christians reference today with words like “victory” and “triumph,” and use descriptors for Jesus like “champion.” But this is the day we remember that Jesus lost everything. Everything.

What’s the best way to help with homework? You might be surprised to find out