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Articles for Urban

Your Rhythms: Finding the Rest of God in the Midst of the City

We were created for rhythms. All of God’s created world was created with rhythms. God created night and day. God created in six days, and then God rested. The ocean tides rise and fall, the leaves fall in autumn and then are reborn in spring.

From Jay-Z to Jesus: Reaching & Teaching Young Adults in the Black Church

Your Struggles: From Coping to Freedom

In our pursuit of rest and balance in ministry, exploring our struggles and addictions is not an option. In Month 4 of the Sabbath Rest in a 24/7 City series, we look toward ways to recognize and find healing for our addictive patterns.

Your Pain: Six Lenses to Help

In this series, Sabbath rest in a 24/7 city, we have been looking at factors that keep us from Sabbath rest, and ways that we can find healthy rhythms even in a city that never stops. This month we will look at how the pain and suffering in the city keep us from Sabbath rest.

Your Life: Finding Space to Love God, Your Neighbor, and Yourself in the City

How does our own spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health impact the ways we love God and others? Part 2 of the Sabbath Rest in a 24/7 City series, this month we look at our own lives for clues to preventing stress and burnout.

Sabbath Rest in a 24/7 City: A Journey for Urban Youth Workers

What is the "environmental press" of the city, and why does it impact us so deeply? Part I of the Urban Ministry Self-Care series, Sabbath Rest in a 24/7 City introduces important concepts for your ministry journey.

God of the Generations: Raising Up Leaders in the City

What is the city’s greatest hope? While God works through all sorts of leaders, perhaps the greatest hope for the city comes from those who grow up in the city and and choose to stay there as indigenous leaders. Urban practitioner and researcher Jude Tiersma Watson explores the model of urban leadership development as a way to raise up leaders in your—and their—context.