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Toward Deeper Justice for All: The Urban Social Justice Report

What is social justice, and how do I know if I’m doing it—or doing it well—in youth ministry? To help you evaluate your own ministry, we’re reporting here on a collaborative effort by FYI, World Vision, Community Solutions, Inc., and the Urban Youth Workers Institute to get at the difference between average justice work and deeper justice ministry. FREE DOWNLOADABLE ASSESSMENT TOOL.

Rest in the City

While it may seem an oxymoron, resting in the city is not only possible, but imperative for urban youth workers. Read on as Kim Williams explores the “prayer of rest” as a method for encountering God in the city, suburbs, or wherever you find yourself in ministry.

Stress in the City: A New Study of Youth Workers

Do you ever wonder about the personal impact of ministry stress? Do you ever suspect that the risks of your ministry might outweigh the ability you have to survive or be resilient in the midst of them? This report looks at the findings from a recent FYI study of urban youth workers from around the country, with implications for youth workers in every environment.

Turning the Corner on Youth Violence

Are kids getting more or less violent? Given the amount of media attention attracted by episodes of youth violence, it’s hard to get a handle on what research might be saying or what ministry interventions might be working to lower violence. With the help of the Fuller Youth Initiative research team, this article takes an in-depth look at the key questions youth workers and parents have about youth violence, and a few encouraging responses from youth workers who are making a difference.

Bring ‘em Out: Evangelizing and Pastoring the Hip Hop Generation

This article is an excerpt from a chapter in the new book The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation, by Fuller Seminary's Ralph Watkins. Pastor-Professor-DJ Watkins explores ministry implications for reaching out to hip hoppers by facing hard questions church leaders are asking about hip hop culture, and applies these insights to cross-cultural outreach to kids in general.

FAQs and The Low Down Dirty on Hip Hop Culture Fo Yo Ministry! Part II

In part 2 of this series, Dan again tackles some of the questions he most often receives as an expert on Hip Hop culture, and the questions you may be receiving as a youth worker trying to navigate the waters of Hip Hop's impact on students you know. Pull up a seat and join the dialog, and let us know what questions you would add to this list!

FAQs and The Low Down Dirty on Hip Hop Culture Fo Yo Ministry

OK, really: What exactly is Hip Hop Culture, anyway? Researcher Dan Hodge offers a user-friendly FAQ approach to Hip Hop in the first of a two-part series. Whether you think you “get it” or you know you don’t, take a look to see if you’ve ever asked the questions on this list!!