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Articles for Urban

Unlocking the Keys to Indigenous Urban Leadership: Youth for Christ Research Brief

What does it take to develop an indigenous urban ministry leader? Insights from leaders themselves offer important clues.

DJing and the Art of Pastoral Care: A Different Spin on the Role of the Pastor, Part 2

What do the Hip Hop DJ and the youth pastor have in common? In Part 2 of this series, Kimberly offers insights from DJs to improve your teaching.

Hip Hop and the Art of Pastoral Care: A Different Spin on the Role of the Youth Pastor, Part 1

Surprising insights from DJ school into the vocation and role of youth pastors.

No Rest for the Weary: The Stressors of Urban Burnout

Research reveals that urban youth workers struggle to get personal help when they need it. This research brief and interview with Young Life Vice President Angel Ruiz offers ideas to change that trend.

Christ Appropriating the Culture of Hip Hop: The Soul of Hip Hop, Pt II

More from FYI's Hip Hop scholar on finding God and grace in the midst of Hip Hop music and culture.

The Soul of Hip Hop Part 1: Toward A Missiological Gospel of A Culture

FYI's Hip Hop scholar takes us a step toward understanding the core theological beliefs that weave through Hip Hop music and culture.

Urban Contemplative Retreat Guide

Most spiritual retreats are focused on withdrawing from your environment and from noise and distraction. In contrast, this is a retreat focused on allowing the surroundings and context of the city to draw you into an awareness of God’s presence.