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Articles for Deep Justice

A Picture’s Worth a Lot of Words: Deep Justice Journeys Sample Activity

Use this activity within a month after your trip to help solidify the connections between serving "there" and serving "here."

Eat it Up: Free Deep Justice Journeys Sample

Looking for a way to spice up your meals on your summer mission trip? Here's a free activity from Deep Justice Journeys to lead your group deeper while you eat.

Talk to Me About My Daughter: The State of Girls Globally and Locally

Deep Justice Journeys Live

Watch a presentation by FYI's Kara Powell on shifting short-term mission trips to become justice journeys!

Short-Term Missions and Missional Youth Ministry

FYI research partner and short-term missions guru Eric Iverson shares a new vision for missional involvement with the poor.

Journeying Together: Creating Walls of Support and Feedback for Students

This final sample from our new short-term missions curriculum Deep Justice Journeys includes both theory and practical ideas for ways to surround students with support while they serve.

Living More Than Mission Trip to Mission Trip: Leveraging Social Media to Multiply a Missional Team

What happens to that incredible mission team a few weeks after the trip? Too often, nothing. If you're no longer satisfied with that result, prepare yourself for this innovative and practical look into utilizing social media to catalyze a missional movement.