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Survive The Summer Playlist: 10 Free Resources

Whether you’re already a few weeks into the summer rhythm or just getting your toes wet, we’ve compiled a playlist you can return to again and again for ideas to boost your ministry this summer.

Teens Building Assets in Their Own Communities: A Case Study of School Gardens

There’s a Chinese Proverb that suggests, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now.” Jesse discovered that community gardens can be one powerful way to invest in growing students and to give them opportunities to be asset builders.

What Do My Students Need When Transitions Happen?

It was the day my students exploded. One of my most faithful and exuberant leaders announced that she was leaving. Her announcement was like letting a skunk loose in the center of a middle school dance. It stunk, and so did the rest of our team as we tried to help students understand that everything was going to be okay.

FYI Playlist: 20 Free Resources for Transition Season

Whether you’re thinking ahead to graduation or to other transitions or milestones coming soon, we thought we’d assemble a handful of free FYI resources you might find useful in the coming season. Then we came up with a few handfuls, so here’s twenty-five! Bookmark this one, and keep coming back this summer when you need more help.

Ministry of Presence: Being a Safe Place for Teens

Can I tell you a secret? Will you promise not to tell anyone? Am I safe with you?

Can You Doubt Too Much? An Interview with John Ortberg

Can I Ask That? Co-author Jim Candy caught up with his mentor John Ortberg, a popular author, speaker, and senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, to ask him about the role of questioning in faith.

In the Aftermath of Teen Suicide, Part 2: Working Toward Prevention