What Others are Saying about FYI

What kind of impact is the Fuller Youth Institute having on youth ministry? Read these thoughts from a sampling of youth workers and ministry leaders who are benefiting from our research and resources:

The establishment of this important Institute at Fuller Seminary has been a dream come true for me.  Fuller has a long history of commitment to serving young people and their families.  FYI, however, has added something quite new to this mix.  Under the leadership of Dr. Kara Powell we have now made significant progress in integrating all of the strands—ministry, psychology and intercultural studies—into a coherent and coordinated focus on the needs of young people and their families.

I can think of no more urgent need for the cause of the Gospel than reaching the younger generation for Christ.  Youth around the world face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, but they are also threatened by destructive forces—spiritual and physical—that were unknown to previous generations.  The needs are complex, and they require the combined talents of scholars and practitioners who are dedicated to the goals of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  FYI is an important instrument for the Kingdom.
Richard J. Mouw President, Fuller Theological Seminary
The Fuller Youth Institute suffers from a severe case of thinking big. Every effort is well thought out about how youth workers can make the greatest, most tangible and caring impact with hurting and disconnected kids. And they are just a click away! They’ve become friends.
Megan Hutchinson
Youth Ministry Author
FYI Advisory Board Member

As a youth worker who’s in it for the long-haul, I want resources that are beyond fun and games.  I want resources that are tested, researched, and thoughtfully designed for my ministry.  FYI is unlike any other ministry resource Institute I’ve seen.  They do the hard, significant work of uncovering what’s going on under the surface in students, families, and youth ministry across the country.  I can trust the resources they produce.  I couldn’t be more excited about the impact of FYI!
April Diaz
NextGen Pastor, newsong church, Irvine, CA
As part of the national leadership for Urban Young Life, I work with a team that helps serve and empower Young Life’s urban staff and volunteers nationwide.  We consistently hear from these dedicated youth workers that they are hungry for more training.  While there is no shortage of resources for suburban youth workers, very little exists that was written by urban youth workers, for urban youth workers. Given Fuller’s vast expertise in theological, psychological, and cultural issues and Fuller’s partnerships with ministries like Young Life, the Urban Empowerment Project is making a unique and needed contribution to the field of urban youth ministry.  FYI research and resources are meeting many of the training and support needs of our Young Life staff.  We are eagerly circulating Fuller’s research findings and implications to our urban staff and volunteers nationwide.
Jim Dyson,
Vice President for Urban Ministry, Young Life
In our ministry context, we have had a difficult time finding resources that are useful and speak to the needs we are facing... FYI has been incredibly helpful in our pursuit of relevant and intelligent ministry resources for students who are urban and suburban, rich and poor, churched and unchurched. They do not just present great information, but also great relationships. FYI has become one of our deepest ministry partners who know and care about us.
Jeff Mattesich and Albert Tate
Lake Avenue Church, Southern California
I envision FYI becoming the premier youth ministry training Institute in the world. Fueled by the best learning emerging from all three of Fuller Seminary's schools (School of Theology, School of Psychology & School of Intercultural Studies), FYI is proving its ability to translate the best scholarship into transformative ministry resources. Working alongside other leading organizations, FYI's commitment to partnering relationships also helps ensure its resources can be accessed by any youth worker—anywhere. As a Fuller alum, it is exciting to be apart of a such a collaborative and innovative effort. As a youth worker it is exciting knowing I am receiving the best training that is available.
Mark Maines
Naval Chaplain and Fuller MDiv alumnus, FYI Advisory Board Member
I started the Urban Youth Ministry Certificate Program knowing that there is always more I can learn in regards to ministering in the city, especially to youth. I have been so grateful for the ways my thinking has been challenged and expanded, and as I sit in class I can think about all of the youth I work with in Chicago who I can go back to, refreshed and re-energized and re-envisioned for my ministry to them. I am so excited to think about the ways that this time could bring more fruit to bear in their lives for their own walks with Jesus and their service in the world. Thank you for helping to make that possible!
Aimee Tucker
Area Director for Hyde Park Urban Young Life, Chicago IL
The Urban Youth Ministry Certificate Program is very relevant—it made me think more holistically in our ministry approach. We've been looking more deeply at the student as a whole. Personally, the training has allowed me to grow inner strength—to step outside of my box and do more things than I would have imagined in youth ministry.
Theresa Willis
Youth For Christ, Compton, CA